~Tokyo in times~
100 time-lapses 100 moments of Tokyo

Rainbow Skytree. スカイツリー虹色

“Tokyo in times” is a project that I started at the beginning of 2020. It was born out of my passion for photography, a challenge to push my boundaries, and a journey for me to discover Tokyo.

The work comprised all the time-lapse sequences I took in Tokyo at night.  It was a fun and chaotic period where I experienced both the usual bustling city life and the ghost-town-like atmosphere after the first COVID wave hit Tokyo.

Why time-lapse, and why the night scene only, you may ask?
Time-lapse is a unique form crossed between photography and movies. It’s a blend of photographic beauty and the fluid motion of moving images. It’s a bridge between two worlds. Not only that, it’s a perfect way to show the beautiful nightscape of Tokyo.
As for my focus on night scenery, it’s purely a personal preference. I have always felt cities in Japan look different after dark. Especially in megacities like Tokyo, it’s fascinating and beautiful.

These images are the views that can only be seen in Tokyo at night. The beautiful Tokyo that I have seen with my own eyes Through my camera lens, I wish you could see what I see and feel how I feel about this city at night.

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