Print Size Guide

Custom framing is expensive. I try my best to print photos that fit into the common frames (and mat boards) while maintaining the aspect ratio of the images. The goal is to let you pop in the picture without any custom trimming and white borders are added to accommodate wider ranges of frames. The actual image will appear smaller depending on the borders. This guide provides measures of the images and borders for each print size.

The print sizes are divided into three categories – With White Borders, No Borders, and Plus Borders. The print size is quoted in inches or in metric based on convention.

A few notes on how to read the tables below:

  • The size is printed paper size.
  • The image size is the dimension of the image without borders.
  • Border measurements listed are for one side only, the same border width applies to the opposite side.
  • Two short side borders have the same length.
    (e.g 5cm in the table means 5cm on top and 5 cm at bottom for portrait, left and right for landscape photos)
  • Two Long side borders have the same length.
    (e.g 5cm in the table means 5cm at left and 5 cm at the right for portrait, top and bottom for landscape photos)
  • Measurements are rounded so will be some tiny margin of errors

With white borders

A Sizes

SizeImage Size Short side borderLong side border
A149.4 x 74.1cm 5cm5cm
A251.4 x 34cm4cm4cm
A324.7 x 37cm2.5cm2.5cm
A417 x 25.7cm2cm2cm

Metric based

SizeImage SizeShort side borderLong side border
61cm x 91cm50.8 x 76.2cm5.1cm7.4cm
60cm x 90cm50.8 x 76.2cm4.6cm6.9cm
50cm x 70cm40 x 60cm5cm5cm
30cm x 40cm20 x 30cm5cm5cm
30cm x 40cm Narrow24 x 36cm3cm2cm

Inch based

SizeImage SizeShort side borderLong side border
24” x 36″20″ x 30″2″3″
20″ x 30″16″ x 24″2″3″
16″ x 24″12″ x 18″2″3″
12″ x 18″8″ x 12″2″3″
12″ x 18″ Narrow10″ x 15″1″1.5″
11″ x 14″8″ x 12″1″1.5″

No Borders

No Borders prints are printed in full bleed without any white borders

SizeImage Size
24″x 36″24” x 36″
20″ x 30″20″ x 30″
16″ x 24″16″ x 24″
12″ x 18″12″ x 18″
61cm x 91cm61cm x 91cm
60cm x 90cm60cm x 90cm

Plus borders

Plus border prints are basically border-less print options + extra white borders added. The borders are equal size around all sides. This results in a non-standard paper size. The extra bit of paper makes it easier to mount the picture under a frame mat.

SizeImage SizeBorder
24” x 36″ + 2.5cm24” x 36″2.5cm (~1″)
20″ x 30″+ 2.5cm20″ x 30″2.5cm (~1″)
16″ x 24″+ 2.5cm16″ x 24″2.5cm (~1″)
12″ x 18″+ 2.5cm12″ x 18″2.5cm (~1″)

16 x 9 Photo

16 x 9 Aspect ratio photo are divided into 3 categories – No border (Full bleed), plus narrow borders, and plus wide white borders. Plus Narrow border size has 2.5cm (~1″) borders on all sides and Plus wide border size has 5cm (~1″) borders on all side.

SizeImage SizeBorder
16” x 9″ no border16” x 9″0
16” x 9″ + 2.5cm16” x 9″2.5cm (~1″)
16” x 9″ + 5cm16″ x 9″5cm (~2″)
24” x 13.5″ no border24” x 13.5″0
24” x 13.5″ + 2.5cm24” x 13.5″2.5cm (~1″)
24” x 13.5″ + 5cm24” x 13.5″5cm (~2″)
32” x 18″ no border32” x 18″ 0
32” x 18″ +2.5cm32” x 18″ 2.5cm (~1″)
32” x 18″ + 5cm32” x 18″ 5cm (~2″)