Driftwoods –
The afterlives of trees

The “Driftwoods” series is an unexpected discovery. I was on a journey around the south island of New Zealand and was shooting time-lapses of the lakes and mountains. I saw a lot of driftwood by the lakes and on the beaches. I was drawn by the way they slept on the sands, and there was something about them that made me want to take a closer look. I started to take pictures of them. Slowly, one click after another, and this is how this series was born.

I saw hundreds of driftwood during my trip and none of them looked the same. Some look like insects, some look like animals, and all of them have different shapes and textures. Just like people, every person has his or her own appearance and personality. Every piece of driftwood has its own unique look and pattern. I find this driftwood fascinating and beautiful!

These driftwoods may no longer be “alive”, but their legacies live on. I can almost feel the wind whenever I look at these pictures. I hope the images bring you joy as much as I do.

The limited edition prints are available to purchase from my store here.

Past Exhibition


Brisbane. November 2022